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Walking tours in London

One of the best ways to explore London is on foot. You can make sure you will not miss anything on your way. What’s more, you can discover things you would not have found on your own.

Some of the most popular walking tours:

Royal London

Have a close look at Buckingham Palace and see the Changing the Guard.

City of London

See the place where London was born; the place which is one of the busiest financial centres of the world. Famous landmarks on this walk: St Paul’s Cathedral, Tower of London and many more.

Pub walk

Experience the classic London pubs and have a pint.

Personalised walking tours

You haven’t found what you were looking for? Do you have a special interest?

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Famous sites, museums and galleries

Tower of London

An ancient, historic landmark of London. The palace houses the world famous Crown Jewels.

Westminster Abbey

The nation's coronation church and burial site of many monarchs.



St Paul's Cathedral

A masterpiece of 18th century architecture and a working church.

Hampton Court

A magnificent Tudor palace, it was one of the favourite places of Henry VIII. Did you know that the palace is haunted by ghosts?

British Museum

This is one of the oldest museums in the world offering a view to international cultural history.

National Gallery

Houses a national collection of European paintings.


Tate Modern

The contemporary side of London.


The Prime Meridien, Cutty Sark, museums, green spaces, a market and more awaits you here.

Panoramic tour by coach or car

It is the best way to see the most or get an overall view of London if you have a little time to spend for sightseeing.

For a detailed route, please contact.

There are endless possibilities of programmes for a memorable time in London.

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